The Only Thing that He Likes More Than Baseball are Porn Videos

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There are two things that make my husband Rob feel alive. The first one is baseball and the second one is sex. More precisely, we are talking about these porn videos. Therefore, since I love him dearly, I always want to please him as best I can.

I try to give him something to remember on special dates like his birthday and Valentine’s Day. Last Valentine’s I think I outdid myself. It was the game of the KIT League and I asked Rob if he wanted to stay home and watch it. He couldn’t believe that I was asking such a thing as he thought that I would have insisted on a restaurant. But unknowns to him I had something very different in mind.

I made him his favorite hamburgers, find Miley Cyrus porn video and bought him his favorite beer. I made his couch all comfy and let him sit down as I served him. For everything to be even more perfect for him, I put on a mini skirt and stockings. He loves my ass and my legs. I sat by him, opened a beer for him and even cheered his team on. He was so happy! Once the game went on for a little while, I tried to spice the things up a little bit. I started stroking his thigh, going higher and higher to his crotch. He didn’t mind it so I continued. I started rubbing his cock over his pants and I felt him getting hard.

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“Just keep watching free sex videos, baby.” I whispered and I got on my knees on the couch from the side, so that my ass was up in the air. Rob loves seeing my ass. I unzipped his pants and without the help of my hands, I licked his cock. It bounced up and down a couple of times making me very horny. Then I took it with my hands and I lowered his foreskin, revealing his lovely and shiny glans. I slurped it inside my mouth and I started sucking on it like I was about to die if I left it. I sucked it more and more and I loved the feeling of that dick filling my mouth.

Rob started panting and breathing heavily. That’s how I knew that I was doing it right. He stopped watching the game and he stopped drinking his beer. All his attention was on the amazing blowjob that I was giving him. He told me to go faster and he gently pushed my head down on his cock. However, he wasn’t hard on me and didn’t let me gag. I looked directly into his eyes and said “Please, baby, cum into my mouth or into my wet pussy.”

That drove him crazy as he was begging me to do it for a while now and I didn’t let him. Then, he actually exploded into my mouth and I swallowed the whole thing. I even licked my lips after it. Rob was amazed and he gave me a big kiss. It was the best blowjob that he ever had. Even better than those on porn videos at Also, I don’t think that he caught much of the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League that day. I don’t think he was sorry about it either.

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